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Perth Mint

1/2oz Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin (Random year)

1/2oz Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin (Random year)

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Embark on a miniature adventure through the rugged Australian outback with the exquisite 1/2oz Australian Kangaroo Gold Bullion Coin. This half-ounce masterpiece, meticulously crafted by the Perth Mint, captures the kangaroo's boundless energy and captivating spirit in a size that fits your pocket and your budget. Immerse yourself in the radiant glow of .9999 fine gold, sculpted into a breathtaking tribute to nature's iconic marsupial.

- Shipping Variations: Individually shipped in protective packaging.

- Unmatched Purity: Experience the exceptional value and investment security of .9999 fine gold, the highest purity available, equivalent to 24 karats.

- Obverse: featured Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty's likeness, which has evolved over the years with different versions created by various artists, symbolizes Australia's constitutional monarchy. The Queen's effigy is surrounded by her name, the issuing country "AUSTRALIA," and the coin's denomination, reflecting Australia's connection to the Commonwealth.

- Reverse: characterized by its dynamic and annually changing depiction of the kangaroo, Australia's most iconic marsupial. This feature has made the coin series particularly appealing to collectors. The background may vary, but it often includes elements of the Australian Outback, providing a naturalistic setting that enhances the kangaroo's portrayal. Alongside the imagery are inscriptions of the coin's year of issue, weight, gold purity (".9999"), and sometimes a small "P" mint mark indicating the Perth Mint's craftsmanship.

* Please note: the weight and purity remain certified, the year and specific condition will depend on what's currently available.


- Weight: 1/2 oz
- Purity: .9999 fine gold
- Diameter: 25.6 mm
- Thickness: 2.5 mm
- Mint: Perth Mint
- Finish: Lightly used

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